Avenue is a charity that works with families and individuals to help them to overcome obstacles to wellbeing and find positive ways forward through the challenges that life can bring. We are based in Aberdeen and work across the North East of Scotland.

At Avenue, we know that healthy individuals and supportive relationships are fundamental to happy families, and the future health and resilience of our children.

We also know that maintaining personal mental health, and positive relationships can be extremely difficult. In fact, these are some of the biggest challenges that many of us will face during our lifetimes.


Life rarely goes to plan. We all experience tough times. All families go through periods of stress, change and conflict.

Avenue exists to work with families and individuals when they are encountering difficulties. We believe that a little bit of help can sometimes make a huge difference. Together we can help you to build your resilience, strengthen your relationships, overcome hurdles, find positive solutions, and develop the skills to improve and maintain the wellbeing of you and your family.

“It’s been about a year since I had my last panic attack and I feel I’ve got my life back.”

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“I found the confidence to end my relationship.”

"Counselling really made us look at ourselves, but we stuck it out and stayed together. I guess some things are worth fighting for.”


“Parenting Apart really helped me to see things differently and look at how we were handling things. It’s very hard to do that on your own when you think you are falling apart.”

“Now I know that our children really do have two parents looking out for them. When we need to, we can sit down together, look at a situation and decide what will work best for all of us.”

“We’ve got our daughter back and there just aren’t the words to describe the relief and gratitude we feel.”

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Avenue is a member of Relationships Scotland