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Avenue’s team will work with you to find the best solutions for you and your family


We have a range of skills and experience on our team, and many of us have lived experience of some of the challenges that you might be facing today.

All of Avenue’s practitioners meet the professional standards appropriate to their specialisms.

Our Counsellors/ therapists are all qualified to at least Diploma level and have additional specialist training as appropriate.

Our Family Mediators are trained to nationally agreed standards and are registered with The Lord President of Scotland.


Training and Accrediations

Our Contact Centre team receive a wide package of training as suits the varied demands of their role.

Any of our practitioners who work with children and young people have had further specialist training.

Avenue works to Relationships Scotland’s Policies and Procedures and nationally agreed standards. 

Where appropriate, all of our practitioners are members of relevant governing bodies and work to their Codes of Ethics and Practice.

Avenue invests in training, supervision and staff development so that we can be sure we are offering the best possible services to families and individuals. You may be offered a session with a practitioner who is engaged in specialist training. This will be explained to you. In some cases, this might mean that we can offer sessions at a reduced rate. 


Our Trustees bring their expertise and support to Avenue

As Avenue is a charity, we have a Board of Trustees who oversee our work. Trustees are responsible for setting the strategy and ensuring that Avenue is working within the law and according to our charitable objects. Our Trustees are volunteers who come from a range of backgrounds, bring their expertise and support to Avenue. They meet quarterly and line-manage the Service Director, who has overall operational responsibility for Avenue.

The Service Director is supported by the senior leadership team who all have key areas of responsibility but work closely to ensure that Avenue is providing the best service possible to families and individuals.

  • "Overall, despite the trauma I was going through, I felt treated with dignity, respect, understanding and professionalism from everyone I was in contact with."

  • "It was as if I was invisible. They were so busy fighting they just ignored me. After they went to mediation they listened to what I wanted too, and now I get to see Dad without Mum being upset."

  • "Mummy and Daddy told us they were going to meetings every week to talk about me and my sister. I liked it that they were talking about us. I knew it wasn’t to get them back together, but I liked it just the same."

  • "Through counselling I slowly discovered what I’d been missing. Counselling improved both my own life and that of my family. I feel we are more in control of things at home."

  • "Counselling has really saved our marriage and we now have a new way of coping with things together. I found it very easy to talk about difficult emotions which helped me a great deal in my relationship."

  • "I found that this improved communication between my wife and myself. This service is fantastic. The counselling succeeded when all else failed. Please keep doing what you are doing! Thank you AVENUE"

  • "Without the service I am not sure when or how I would have seen my son. Very worthwhile service, sadly under-funded."

  • "The mediator was fair and sensitive. It was positive and encouraging to motivate us to make the best arrangements for our child."

  • "I felt very supported and safe to allow me to express my views." "I felt very happy and grateful for the service I have received."

  • "My motto for mediation would be ‘give them a try’ – they can help bring happiness back to your children. I know my children are glad I took the steps of going to mediation, they tell me each week."

  • "If it was not for a valued service such as your own, we would not be able to realise the damage we are doing to our children."

  • "When I first approached mediation I had no contact with my children. I now have weekly contact – so it worked for me and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone else."

  • "Going to family mediation helped reassure my husband that he was still a very important part of our daughter’s life. He didn’t feel quite so lost."

  • "I would like to thank you for all your help. The improvement in the relationship can only help us all. I feel you had a very large part in sending us in that direction."