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What is Family Therapy?

Family Therapy can help those in close relationships to better understand and support each other.

In Family Therapy we try to help everyone to feel safe so you can talk about difficult thoughts, feelings and challenges in order to gain a greater understanding of each other’s experiences and views. This can help to build on family strengths and supports you to listen to, recognise and appreciate each other’s needs.

In sessions, we explore how everyone can work together to make useful changes in your relationships and for you to feel more confident and resilient as a family.

What does family mean?

We are aware that everybody has a different understanding of what “family” can mean

‘Family’ is used to describe a group of people who care about each other. This can include parents, children, adult children, siblings and Grandparents. You may also wish to involve members of your wider family and important friends.

We can also work separately with partners/couples.

The membership of the family sessions can change with some family member perhaps only joining for one or two sessions. This can be discussed in the therapy.


Can I think about Family work on my own?

Yes. We can meet with you on your own. Sometimes we offer a mixture of individual and family appointments if that feels helpful.



Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes to an hour, but this will be discussed with you and the therapists working with you.

Family sessions usually take place on a Wednesday. We will, however, try and be as flexible as we can during the day to accommodate your work and other commitments when arranging sessions.


For further information or to discuss the option of Family Therapy at Avenue, please contact us