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   Sexual Therapies    

Avenue offers Psychosexual Therapy and Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Therapy to help people manage the sexual difficulties they might be experiencing.

Psychosexual Therapy and Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Therapy can be used to help individuals and couples of any sexual orientation. You don’t have to be involved in a relationship; the outcome can be equally successful if you attend alone. To begin with, opening up and talking about sexual matters with a Therapist can be difficult. It is common to feel a bit nervous or embarrassed. The Therapists know this and will help you to talk about your problems in a sensitive and caring way. As trust grows between you, any embarrassment should lessen, and your general emotional and physical wellbeing should improve.

These therapies are available for anyone with sexual difficulties, regardless of their relationship status, gender identity or sexual orientation. During the first visit, the Therapist will carry out a full assessment in order to understand the problems and ensure that you receive the appropriate support.


Sessions are 50 minutes long and are usually delivered by zoom. If you need a face-to-face appointment, please let us know.

Sessions can be attended alone or with your partner, depending on your specific needs. You can discuss this with your Therapist. If you attend with your partner, you will have opportunities to talk separately and in complete confidence.

How many sessions you will need will depend on your particular circumstances, but we typically start with the expectation that you will have 15 sessions. We can review this as the therapy progresses.



Sexual Therapies cost £60 per session, unless you live in Aberdeen City, or you live in Aberdeenshire or Moray and you are on benefits or a low income.

If you live in Aberdeen City, Sexual Therapies are free, thanks to funding from the Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership.

If you live in Aberdeenshire or Moray and you are on benefits or a low income, Avenue can offer Sexual Therapies at a concessionary rate. Please contact our Service Administration team for more information.

We also ask that you consider making a donation to Avenue. Avenue is a charity and we work hard to keep our fees as low as we can so that anyone who needs our support can access our services. Any donation you can make will help us to ensure that we can get help to the people who need it most.

Please be aware that we can only offer Sexual Therapies to people who live in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire or Moray.

We are able to offer reduced cost therapy thanks to the support of a range of funders, including: National Lottery Awards for All, Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership, Aberdeen City Common Good Fund, Aberdeenshire Council, Budge Foundation, CNOOC International Community Fund, Moray Council and the Scottish Government.

If you would like more information, or would like to refer yourself or someone you know to Sexual Therapies, please call our Service Administration team on 01224 587571, or email them at

Our online referral forms can be completed here.    Self Referral        Professional Referral  




Erica's Story

We’d been married for 27 years when our eldest son left home.  We’d were looking forward to spending more time together and having the house to ourselves but we discovered that, without the children, we didn’t have that much in common. 

My husband Sam was very warm and affectionate when we were younger and we had a good sex life, great in fact.  But over the years we’d grown apart without really noticing.  We were rarely intimate but put that down to being too busy, tired or distracted with other things.  Perhaps it was naive to think being on our own again would mean we’d just pick up where we left off.  It couldn’t have been more opposite.

The distance in our relationship had taken its toll.  We were awkward around each other - I felt rejected, thinking Sam didn’t find me attractive anymore and Sam seemed distant and uncomfortable.  Our attempts often failed and we were left feeling worse than before we started.  It cast a cloud over everything and I wondered if he was having an affair - thankfully he wasn’t.  We just couldn’t connect to each other and it was almost impossible to talk about.

I had a lot of thoughts about our marriage being over, it was devastating; I still loved him.  I worried that he’d leave me if we couldn’t sort things out, later I discovered that he shared the same fears.  We were at breaking point so we looked for help. 

We began Psychosexual Therapy which I found pretty embarrassing to being with, but it saved our marriage.  Our therapist helped us to look at all aspects of our relationship, thoughts, fears and feelings and it was amazing how much we didn’t know about each other.  I thought I knew Sam inside out but I really didn’t.  I never imagined that he felt rejected and lonely or that he missed us.  He said he’d been worried about still be able to please me and was very self-conscious about his ability to perform.

Therapy helped us to calm our anxiety and get back the emotional and sexual intimacy we’d lost.  We were given exercises to increase our confidence and they really worked.  We began to laugh again, talk about all sorts of things and we learned to be there for each other.  It wasn’t long before we looked forward to going to therapy, it was a life changer.